The Fourth Industrial Revolution has begun: Now’s the time to join

2020 has created more than a brave new world. It’s a world of opportunity rapidly pressuring organizations of all sizes to rapidly adopt technology to not just survive, but to thrive. And Andrew Dugan, chief technology officer at Lumen Technologies, sees proof in the company’s own customer base, where “those organizations fared the best throughout […]

Room-temperature superconductivity has been achieved for the first time

Room-temperature superconductors—materials that conduct electricity with zero resistance without needing special cooling—are the sort of technological miracle that would upend daily life. They could revolutionize the electric grid and enable levitating trains, among many other potential applications. But until now, superconductors have had to be cooled to extremely low temperatures, which has restricted them to […]

Succeed in tough times: Make a digital pivot

After quickly upgrading his remote-access infrastructure, Yañez sent all 1,000 of his IT staffers home, where they have been working ever since. That remote IT group has been able to support Walmart’s massive operations in the region—nearly 2,400 stores, 42,000 providers and vendors in the supply chain, and 200,000 employees. This content was produced by […]

AIOps uses AI, automation to boost security

Siemens USA, a manufacturer of industrial and health-care equipment, uses AIOps through its endpoint detection and response system that incorporates machine learning, the subset of AI that enables systems to learn and improve. The system gathers data from endpoints—hardware devices such as laptops and PCs—and then analyzes the data to reveal potential threats. The organization’s […]

From chief technology officer to CEO

In the digital era, strong technology leadership correlates ever more closely with business revenue growth. Technology strategy, and the ability of chief technology officers to deliver it, is key to business success, not just for managing the performance and cost efficiency of enterprise technology, but to create the architecture and agility for new business models, […]

A patient has died after ransomware hackers hit a German hospital

For the first time ever, a patient’s death has been linked directly to a cyberattack. Police have launched a “negligent homicide” investigation after ransomware disrupted emergency care at Düsseldorf University Hospital in Germany. The victim: Prosecutors in Cologne say a female patient from Düsseldorf was scheduled to undergo critical care at the hospital when the […]

The Russian hackers who interfered in 2016 were spotted targeting the 2020 US election

Russian military hackers responsible for cyberattacks against Democratic targets during the 2016 American election are now targeting over 200 organizations in the United States (including political parties, think tanks, and consultants serving both Democrats and Republicans), according to Microsoft, which is increasingly calling out Russian cyber espionage. In the final weeks before the November 3 […]

North Korean hackers steal billions in cryptocurrency. How do they turn it into real cash?

But the North Korean playbook has evolved in the last few years. One tactic, known as a “peel chain,” moves money in rapid and automated transactions from one Bitcoin wallet to new addresses through hundreds or thousands of transactions in a way that both hides the source of the money and lessens the risk of […]

Israeli phone hacking company faces court fight over sales to Hong Kong

Human rights advocates filed a new court petition against the Israeli phone hacking company Cellebrite, urging Israel’s ministry of defense to halt the firm’s exports to Hong Kong, where security forces have been using the technology in crackdowns against dissidents as China takes greater control. Hong Kong police documents show the use of Cellebrite to […]