Does the House Antitrust Report Mean That Tech Is Evil?

Oh, to say, “I’ve never felt better!” and mean it. Maybe in November. The Plain View Like any good nonfiction writer, the Majority Staff (i.e., Democrats) of the House Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial, and Administrative Law has produced a long-read document distinguished by deep research and an unyielding thesis: Big Tech is too big, too […]

Sales Calls Have Gone Virtual, and AI Is Listening In

The Covid-19 pandemic has converted thousands of salespeople from road warriors to Zoom warriors. Some companies are making the most of this shift by using tools powered by artificial intelligence to track and analyze their salesforce’s virtual pitches. “You definitely miss the lunch, the dinner, the happy hour,” says Jeramee Waldum, vice president of global […]

The 14 Juiciest Quotes From the House Antitrust Report

The subcommittee report accuses Google of unfairly using its dominance in search to give its other business offerings—like Froogle, now known as Google Shopping—an advantage over competitors who rely on Google search to reach customers. In this internal email, from 2009, a Google employee acknowledges that Froogle, which the company was featuring at the top […]

Behind Anduril’s Effort to Create an Operating System for War

Preston Dunlap, chief architect of the Air Force, says the exercise was a success but declined to discuss the contributions of individual companies. Despite all the fancy hardware, seen in a bombastic official video, Dunlap says he was most impressed by how better networking, software, and some novel AI algorithms made it possible for forces […]

College Going Virtual Means Reaching Young Voters Online. Good

In an ordinary election year, college campuses would be brimming with political energy by October. Civic nonprofits like Campus Vote Project would be sending representatives into classrooms across the country to encourage young people to vote. They’d set up tents in the middle of campus to help students navigate registration forms. But in this extremely […]

AT&T’s DSL Phaseout Is Leaving Poor, Rural Users Behind

AT&T has deployed fiber-to-the-home Internet to less than 30 percent of the households in its 21-state territory, according to a new report that says AT&T has targeted wealthy, non-rural areas in its fiber upgrades. ARS TECHNICA This story originally appeared on Ars Technica, a trusted source for technology news, tech policy analysis, reviews, and more. […]

Congress Unveils Its Plan to Curb Big Tech’s Power

Anyone who’s paid even slight attention to the congressional investigation of the power wielded by tech giants won’t be surprised by the report released Tuesday by the subcommittee’s Democrats. They say four companies—Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google—have monopoly power that threatens core economic and political liberties. The report, which ends a 16-month investigation and includes […]

How Cities (and Citizens) Create Hostile Environments

Adapted from stories found in The 99% Invisible City by Roman Mars and Kurt Kohsltedt Cities and their citizens are in constant dialog, but sometimes that conversation is one-sided. Master plans and grand designs aside, cities employ a wide array of smaller, more targeted, top-down strategies in public spaces, using designed objects to shape the […]